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Aluminum may trigger Alzheimers

As we have learned from previous blogs, mercury is not good for us, neither is other metals such as aluminum. In fact, aluminum is a known neurotoxin, that is actually much more present in our everyday lives than one would think. And according to Keele University professor, Christopher Exley, increased exposure to aluminum is associated […]

False Advertising of Supplements

Recently, it has been publicized that some herbal supplements that are sold at major retailers such as Wal-Mart, Target, Walgreens, and GNC do not actually contain the herb or plants that are advertised. Some of these products do not only contain false advertising, but they do not list common allergens that could put certain people […]

Type 2 Diabetes: You’re Not Immune to It

Often times we automatically link certain stereotypes like obesity with diseases like diabetes, when in fact they are distinct and separate diseases. Those that are thin and fat can have diabetes, but in the case of those with type 2 diabetes, factors for attaining it include: activeness, diet, and weight. Specifically, type 2 diabetes is […]

The Faults of Sleeping Pills 11-6

   More and more people are using sleeping pills! According to Ian Oswald of the University of Edinburgh not only does this inhibit going through the stages of sleep, but it can even lead to having withdrawal effects if used too often. There are many stages the body goes through during sleep, and the consumption […]

Drinking Too Much Caffeine? 11-3

  The most common drug in the world, caffeine is not only a stimulant, but a mood altering drug! And yes, even though millions of people across the world drink it daily, it is a drug! Though most know that caffeine can improve performance in tasks temporarily, it can also lead to panic attacks and […]

Is Sleep Apnea and Obesity Related? 10-30

   Obesity is a growing issue in the U.S. As this is occurring people are reportedly sleeping less every day, leading scientists to question the relationship between sleep and obesity.  Sleep is something we NEED.  Sleep acts as a way to control the endocrine system, which secretes and controls hormones. This can alter one’s tolerance […]

Excessive Sleepiness 10-27

Excessive sleepiness, although not a disorder in and of itself, it is a symptom to a myriad of other sleep issues. However, the National Sleep Foundation stands to state that consistent lack of sleep can have negative long term effects in terms of overall health. Not only does it negatively impact one’s mental wellbeing, but […]

Asthma and Sleep 10-16

Did you know researchers still do not know a conclusive reason as to why those with asthma have issues during sleep? The National Sleep Foundation states that asthma symptoms may actually worsen during sleep. This is not abnormal in the sense that everyone’s breathing becomes more restricted during sleep, but those with asthma experience this […]

Sleep Apnea in Children with ADHD Diagnosis 10-20

   Numerous studies have found that sleep apnea is more common amongst children with ADHD. Despite the fact that these children are often energetic during the day, a misconception exists that says that sleepiness is equated to sleep apnea, but that is not always the case. The National Sleep Foundation has stated that children react […]

Sleep Diagnosis? 10-9

     Approximately 70 million Americans have undiagnosed and untreated sleeping disorders. Dentists can act as a safeguard against these sleeping disorders, once a physician has evaluated and prescribed a plan of action for the sleeping disorder. Historically sleep has been thought of as a temporary death, but in the last two centuries many advancements in […]