Lawrence D. Singer, DMD

TMJ & Sleep Apnea Specialist  Alexandria, VA | Washington DC

“I love learning, I love challenges, and this naturally pushes me to continually raise the bar. With full privileges at George Washington University Hospital, I experience all facets of medicine; every experience is a learning experience that makes my patient’s care that much more complete and better.”

– Lawrence D. Singer, DMD

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Dr. SingerDr. Singer earned a bachelor of science in Human Development from Vanderbilt University and his doctor of medical dentistry degree from the University of Pennsylvania, School of Dental Medicine, one of three Ivy League Universities offering a dental degree.

Dr. Singer held the title of Assistant Clinical Professor of Surgery at the George Washington University Hospital. His work at the hospital included treating facial trauma patients who had broken their jaws and teeth, treating medically compromised patients under general anesthesia in the OR, and providing emergency dental care to patients admitted to the hospital. Dr. Singer worked very closely with members of the Department of Otolaryngology (ENT: ear, nose, throat and, neck surgeons).

In addition to delivering care at his private practice, Dr. Singer served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Pennsylvania, instructing doctoral candidates in all aspects of restorative dentistry.

Community involvement was very important to Dr. Singer and his team, who participates in initiatives designed to educate. The Senior Advantage Program at George Washington University provides free and discounted services to adults aged 65 and older in an effort to enhance well being.  For various years, Dr. Singer delivered a lecture at the hospital that revolved around the latest methods and technology in dental implant treatment as well as sleep. Because implants lend oral health benefits not seen with other tooth replacement methods, Dr. Singer understood the importance they play for older adults with tooth loss and he dedicated his time to helping  inform patients of the latest treatment options.

Dr. Lawrence Singer was a proud member of AOTrauma.

AOTrauma is an organization that involves surgeons and professionals from around the world who are interested in musculoskeletal trauma and disease, fractures, and its subsequent complications and problems. The organization brings together surgeons in the trauma and orthopaedic industries. Experts can join and share their expertise and experiences with each other to help patients and improve the effectiveness of trauma care, as well as create leadership opportunities for experienced trauma surgeons while creating opportunities for the next generation of leaders.

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