Aluminum may trigger Alzheimers

As we have learned from previous blogs, mercury is not good for us, neither is other metals such as aluminum. In fact, aluminum is a known neurotoxin, that is actually much more present in our everyday lives than one would think. And according to Keele University professor, Christopher Exley, increased exposure to aluminum is associated with Alzheimer’s disease.

Aluminum’s toxicity even causes symptoms akin to those of dementia, ADHD, Parkinson’s and other disease to become present. This, in turn, gives reason to associate aluminum toxicity with a myriad of diseases. However, it is not solely aluminum that can play a part in the development of such diseases, but it is aluminum alongside other toxins such as fluoride and glyphosphate.

Here are some of the things that aluminum can be found in:

-Foods such as flour, salt, processed foods, and even baby formula

-Certain Vaccines such as Hepatitis A and B

-Cosmetics and items such as deodorants

-Tins, water bottles, and cans

Though a small proportion of aluminum that is ingested is ingested orally, this is a large amount, especially when considering it is over the course of a lifetime.

But you can start to avoid aluminum by avoiding things like:

-Processed foods and drinks including processed foods like mechanically deboned chicken

-Dental amalgam fillings (mercury fillings)

-Statin drugs and other aluminum containing drugs

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