Asthma and Sleep 10-16

Did you know researchers still do not know a conclusive reason as to why those with asthma have issues during sleep? The National Sleep Foundation states that asthma symptoms may actually worsen during sleep. This is not abnormal in the sense that everyone’s breathing becomes more restricted during sleep, but those with asthma experience this to an extreme. A study conducted by G. Stores, A J Ellis, L. Wiggs, C. Crawford, and A. Thomson concluded that children with sleep apnea that experience sleep issues may also experience a decrease in class room performance and other psychological problems. Some of the nighttime symptoms those with asthma experience at night include:
Although an issue with circadian rhythm is a primary suspect to be at cause of these issues, the true reason is inconclusive at this point. Regardless, sleep is a vital component for a healthy life and these issues seen with asthma may result in greater susceptibility to disease and even death. So even though you may thing asthma ends during the day, it may actually be farther reaching than one thinks.