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Sleep Walking, It’s Not What You Think 11-21

Sleepwalking, commonly misconstrued as something that is only seen on TV and in movies,  is actually a behavior disorder that may exist for up to 15% of the adult population, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Contrary to its name, the disorder associated with sleepwalking encompasses a variety of other behaviors from something as simple as getting up during sleep to driving a vehicle! The National Sleep Foundation states that though it is more prevalent in children, especially those with sleep apnea, it remains present and sometimes starts in adulthood. Despite the fact that the origin of sleepwalking is unknown to a certain degree, certain behaviors may trigger it, these include:sleep Deprivation, sedatives,and medications.

Treatment can be very limited, but if it is triggered by certain behaviors, then it may be easier to treat. At other times, some medications are given to reduce the chance of this disorder. Overall, sleepwalking is not just a ruse created by children and TV, it is an actual disorder that affects real people!

The Spread and Influence of Genetically Modified Foods 12-1

We generally tend to think that getting our vegetables and fruits in everyday guarantees that we are maintaining healthy, but what if that’s not true? According to the documentary Poison on the Platter, multinational corporations often have a hand in ensuring that the production of food is genetically engineered. These corporations are not limited to the U.S., but instead have spread their influence worldwide, acting as a potential risk to the general public. The increase in disease has been seen to correlate with the increased consumption of GE food. This includes symptoms such as the bleeding of organs, infertility, and a myriad of other issues.

The American consumption of such foods for years has only propagated the consumption in other countries. Though many American consumers unknowingly purchase such foods, due to the influence of these corporations. They contribute their funds to anti-labeling campaigns as a way to keep customers in the dark. These foods have continued to prosper due to the increased demand for cheap food. Though the expenses saved in the food department are ultimately relocated to an increasingly expensive healthcare system. The disadvantages associated with such foods are numerous, so why would anyone still purchase them? In order to do your part in this ever-growing problem,  you can make a difference by buying non-engineered foods.


How Being Active is Related To Your Balance 1-5

According to an article in the Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Angela Hanscom’s article in the Washington Post, kids are being diagnosed with ADHD more than ever before.  At the same time higher classroom standards are being fulfilled while recess time is being shortened. The fidgeting and inability to pay attention may be attributed to being a behavioral issue to some teachers, but is it really? Students are now being asked to sit down for long periods of time at a younger age, taking away from the time that was previously spent moving and playing outside.

In fact, Hanscom observed that within a classroom of fidgety fifth graders that most of them actually had balance issues due to their increased time in the classroom. Essentially they were less strong because of their lack of movement, kids need hours of everyday movement to strengthen their bodies and their balance.  Its only when this is addressed that a higher level of learning can be achieved.

Mouth Breathing in Children 1-19

Have you ever wondered why your child or a child you know has crooked teeth? It may, in fact, be caused by the way one breathes! Breathing with one’s mouth instead of with the nose has actually been associated with the lowering of the jaw and misalignment of the teeth. It can actually change the structure of the face! Children that previously had well-structured faces can actually be seen to have a different facial structure after a period of breathing through their mouths.  According to the Allergy & Asthma Network, the nose is important to breathe through because it not only filters the air that goes to the nasal cavity, but it is associated with how much mucus is being produced by the body.  Mucus plays the essential role in preventing dust, bacteria, and other particles from entering the body through air. Part of what may cause sudden mouth breathing is a blocked airway; this can be due to a myriad of things, including allergies. If you start breathing through your mouth, you are essentially preventing the air that goes to your body from being filtered with the mucus. Therefore, all the particles that you were being protected from can now enter the body through mouth breathing. This can ultimately damage tissue as bacteria can now enter the body easily and it can make breathing more difficult. The potential dangers are more than just a difference in facial structure; it involves your health as well. So be sure that you and your family are practicing healthier breathing.

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How the Misalignment of Your Teeth Can Affect Your Posture                                  2015-01-15

Believe it or not your posture problems may be caused by the misalignment of your teeth! All parts of your body are connected, including your cranium, neck and teeth. If your teeth are not aligned properly it can cause your cranium to move forward or backward, affecting your back! That means that misaligned teeth can lead to a great deal of issues that can include back pain, neck pain, foot pain, etc. So what is seemingly just foot pain can actually be caused by your teeth’s alignment! A leaning jaw can even cause a hip to look raised and therefore cause one leg to look shorter than the other, even bending your spine in the process. Fortunately many cases can be remedied with treatment from centers like our own TMJ and Sleep Centre.

Can Bacteria Actually Help Us Regulate Our Body Weight?

We all know that antibiotics are great for fighting infection and disease, but has our increased use of them actually killed off some of our “good” bacteria as well? According to Melinda Beck’s article, “In the Gut: The Mix of Bacteria Can Affect Weight:, our use of antibiotics may actually be reducing our production of good microbes like those in the Christensenellaceae family, whose presence seems to correlate with how lean someone is. Numerous studies have been performed on mice that include the insertion of these microbes and they have concluded that there are more Christensenellaceae present in those that are leaner. So, being obese may be genetic! Those that are born with more of these microbes are generally seen to be thinner even when consuming the same diet; this was seen in a study performed at Cornell University observing identical twins. When one twin was obese and the other was not, a greater amount of these microbes was present in the leaner twin. But, as a whole other bacteria seem to be disappearing as well like the bacteria that helps control appetite, which our obesity issue can partially be attributed to. In fact, only 6% of US children are observed to have quantifiable amounts of these appetite bacteria in them. Thus, showing that the bacteria in us can have a role in our body weight. Though the role of bacteria in regards to our health as a whole is not fully explored yet, we can see that it can make a big difference.