Drinking Too Much Caffeine? 11-3

woman with coffee  The most common drug in the world, caffeine is not only a stimulant, but a mood altering drug! And yes, even though millions of people across the world drink it daily, it is a drug! Though most know that caffeine can improve performance in tasks temporarily, it can also lead to panic attacks and anxiety in large doses! According to Roland Griffiths of Johns Hopkins University and Jennie Griffiths the only reason sleep quality may not decrease is because most people have built up a tolerance to caffeine. The entirety of the effects of caffeine are unknown, but studies do show that those with certain health conditions such as primary insomnia and pregnancy. Griffith even outlines that caffeine can even reduce a baby’s birth weight and delay conception! Why use a drug that just requires you to consume more every time you take it? Moderate use may not be harmful, but at the rate people use it now it is beginning to be abused. Griffith states that those that drink caffeine drink almost 10 times the amount that is generally recommended for alertness! Caffeine may have become a part of American culture, but maybe next time forgo that Venti Cappuccino.

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