Excessive Sleepiness 10-27

Excessive sleepiness, although not a disorder in and of itself, it is a symptom to a myriad of other sleep issues. However, the National Sleep Foundation stands to state that consistent lack of sleep can have negative long term effects in terms of overall health. Not only does it negatively impact one’s mental wellbeing, but their physical state too, as it might lead to weight gain and even cardiovascular issues. It affects one’s productivity as those that are sleep deprived are proven to have slower reaction times than those that have slept well. Sleepiness can even have worse reaction times and be more dangerous than someone with a blood alcohol level of 0.05! Mentally, this can have an affect on one’s cognitive ability as well as memory! So don’t hesitate to go to your doctor to determine the root of your excessive sleep issue to start creating a treatment plan right for you. Sleep can never be “regained”, sleep that is lost is lost forever so don’t lose any more sleep and treat this now! Visit our TMJ & Sleep Center, it is adept to provide a nonsurgical approach to treatment for a variety of sleep issues.