How Being Active is Related To Your Balance 1-5

According to an article in the Pediatric Occupational Therapist, Angela Hanscom’s article in the Washington Post, kids are being diagnosed with ADHD more than ever before.  At the same time higher classroom standards are being fulfilled while recess time is being shortened. The fidgeting and inability to pay attention may be attributed to being a behavioral issue to some teachers, but is it really? Students are now being asked to sit down for long periods of time at a younger age, taking away from the time that was previously spent moving and playing outside.

In fact, Hanscom observed that within a classroom of fidgety fifth graders that most of them actually had balance issues due to their increased time in the classroom. Essentially they were less strong because of their lack of movement, kids need hours of everyday movement to strengthen their bodies and their balance.  Its only when this is addressed that a higher level of learning can be achieved.