Mouth Breathing in Children 1-19

Have you ever wondered why your child or a child you know has crooked teeth? It may, in fact, be caused by the way one breathes! Breathing with one’s mouth instead of with the nose has actually been associated with the lowering of the jaw and misalignment of the teeth. It can actually change the structure of the face! Children that previously had well-structured faces can actually be seen to have a different facial structure after a period of breathing through their mouths.  According to the Allergy & Asthma Network, the nose is important to breathe through because it not only filters the air that goes to the nasal cavity, but it is associated with how much mucus is being produced by the body.  Mucus plays the essential role in preventing dust, bacteria, and other particles from entering the body through air. Part of what may cause sudden mouth breathing is a blocked airway; this can be due to a myriad of things, including allergies. If you start breathing through your mouth, you are essentially preventing the air that goes to your body from being filtered with the mucus. Therefore, all the particles that you were being protected from can now enter the body through mouth breathing. This can ultimately damage tissue as bacteria can now enter the body easily and it can make breathing more difficult. The potential dangers are more than just a difference in facial structure; it involves your health as well. So be sure that you and your family are practicing healthier breathing.

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