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What is Performance Mouthwear?

Child putting in sports mouthguardContrary to popular belief, a performance mouthguard also referred to as a power mouthguard is not a boil-and-bite piece of rubber. Quality performance mouthwear appliances are custom-fit based on the principles of TM Joint stability and neurological balance. These mouthguards physically place an athlete’s jaw in the most optimal position, helping improve breathing and performance.

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Why do I need a customized performance mouthguard?

A power mouthguard physically places an athlete’s jaw in the most optimal position, enabling maximum oxygenation by increasing the size of the airway. They also help the head, neck, and shoulders to achieve a balanced and relaxed position, allowing athletes to increase upper body strength and improve balance and flexibility.

Who Uses Performance Mouthguards?

Man golfingPerformance mouthguards benefit athletes across a range of sports, from football to karate. Athletes in the NFL, NBA, NHL, and MLB, as well as cyclists, runners, golfers, and tennis players all use power mouthguards to improve their performance.

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How is Performance Mouthwear Engineered?

At the TMJ & Sleep Therapy Centre, we begin by conducting an extensive TMJ evaluation that includes imaging of the jaws, head and neck as well as taking models of the teeth. To relax the muscles of the neck and jaw, pulsed radio frequency is administered. The relaxed jaw position is then measured and recorded on a jaw tracking computer. Results are sent to a laboratory, where the customized mouthguard is created and delivered within two weeks.

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