Sleep Apnea in Children with ADHD Diagnosis 10-20

ADD picture   Numerous studies have found that sleep apnea is more common amongst children with ADHD. Despite the fact that these children are often energetic during the day, a misconception exists that says that sleepiness is equated to sleep apnea, but that is not always the case. The National Sleep Foundation has stated that children react differently to sleep deprivation, often speeding up instead of becoming lethargic, therefore seeming even more active. A study by Dr. Susan Shur-Fen Gau even found that proper treatment for sleep issues in children with ADHD or those that display ADHD symptoms, may actually help stop hyperactivity and attention issues. Not only do children with ADHD face sleep apnea, but they also may experience restless leg syndrome, as it is also a commonality amongst children with ADHD. So if you know your child has trouble sleeping at night, they may have issues that are hiding behind the hyperactive behavior. Don’t hesitate to visit your local sleep center to ensure that your kids have the best quality of life possible!

A few of the symptoms seen in children with sleep apnea and ADHD diagnosis include:

-behavioral problems

-poor performance in school

-trouble staying focused