Sleep Patterns of Teenagers 10-6

teen sleep at his desk     Teenage sleep is a very complex and uncertain topic of research, as the physical changes that occur in adolescence are seemingly endless. Though we don’t fully understand adolescence, one observation that almost every parent can attest to is that teenagers have a different sleeping pattern. They wake up late in the morning and go to sleep late at night (or more often the next morning), yet they have this unwavering urge to not get up in the morning. There are many theories for this, some made by David Bainbridge in Teenagers: A Natural History include having melatonin secretion happen about two hours later in teenagers,possibly having an indirect effect on sleep. Other theories include the possibility that sleep could be less restful for teenagers than adults or children. Finally another is that teenagers do not realize when they are tired, so they sleep later, in turn causing overt tiredness in the morning. Regardless of its form, teenagers often do not adhere to normal sleeping patterns. However, they probably need it the most, as their bodies go through changes that affect their physical and mental state in the future. So be sure to make sure that any teenagers you know are getting the sleep they need!