Sleep Walking, It’s Not What You Think 11-21

Sleepwalking, commonly misconstrued as something that is only seen on TV and in movies,  is actually a behavior disorder that may exist for up to 15% of the adult population, according to the National Sleep Foundation. Contrary to its name, the disorder associated with sleepwalking encompasses a variety of other behaviors from something as simple as getting up during sleep to driving a vehicle! The National Sleep Foundation states that though it is more prevalent in children, especially those with sleep apnea, it remains present and sometimes starts in adulthood. Despite the fact that the origin of sleepwalking is unknown to a certain degree, certain behaviors may trigger it, these include:sleep Deprivation, sedatives,and medications.

Treatment can be very limited, but if it is triggered by certain behaviors, then it may be easier to treat. At other times, some medications are given to reduce the chance of this disorder. Overall, sleepwalking is not just a ruse created by children and TV, it is an actual disorder that affects real people!