The Faults of Sleeping Pills 11-6

pills spilling out of bottle   More and more people are using sleeping pills! According to Ian Oswald of the University of Edinburgh not only does this inhibit going through the stages of sleep, but it can even lead to having withdrawal effects if used too often. There are many stages the body goes through during sleep, and the consumption of some sleeping pills may stop the body from going through REM sleep. Once one returns to using sleeping pills frequently they can go through withdrawal symptoms, ultimately worsening sleep. Oswald states that these symptoms can include:
-Only achieving short periods of sleep
-Too much REM Sleep
Although these effects are only temporary, they can last up to 6 weeks and sleep cannot be “gained” back. Overall, if you’re having sleep issues see your doctor to get an initial review or even come to our TMJ & Sleep Center to see if you have a sleep disorder.