The Relationship Between Stress and Sleep 11-17

woman holding her head  It’s common sense that sleep is affected by stress, but there are several studies that have recently indicated that it may be more than stress itself, but other factors associated with stress that specifically have an effect on sleep health. In a cross study conducted by the Finnish Institute of Health, one study observed that not being able to stop thinking about work might have a more harmful effect on sleep, causing a higher probability of disturbed sleep. In fact, a study conducted in Sweden observed that long term sickness was doubled in those that experienced burnout (long term stress).  Other risk factors that can affect sleep are a lack of social support, negative life experiences, and anticipation. These factors are seen to decrease slow wave sleep in stages 3 &4 of sleep, this part of sleep is known to be a large part of the restorative part of sleep. Despite the fact that this may be obvious there is actually little proof of the relationship between sleep and stress.