The Spread and Influence of Genetically Modified Foods 12-1

We generally tend to think that getting our vegetables and fruits in everyday guarantees that we are maintaining healthy, but what if that’s not true? According to the documentary Poison on the Platter, multinational corporations often have a hand in ensuring that the production of food is genetically engineered. These corporations are not limited to the U.S., but instead have spread their influence worldwide, acting as a potential risk to the general public. The increase in disease has been seen to correlate with the increased consumption of GE food. This includes symptoms such as the bleeding of organs, infertility, and a myriad of other issues.

The American consumption of such foods for years has only propagated the consumption in other countries. Though many American consumers unknowingly purchase such foods, due to the influence of these corporations. They contribute their funds to anti-labeling campaigns as a way to keep customers in the dark. These foods have continued to prosper due to the increased demand for cheap food. Though the expenses saved in the food department are ultimately relocated to an increasingly expensive healthcare system. The disadvantages associated with such foods are numerous, so why would anyone still purchase them? In order to do your part in this ever-growing problem,  you can make a difference by buying non-engineered foods.