The True Cause of Heart Disease

Ever hear that high cholesterol leads to heart disease? Well that scientific “knowledge” that says fatty diets are bad for you and statin drugs that control your cholesterol isn’t as sound as we once thought it was. In fact, heart surgeon, Dr. Dwight Lundell openly admits that recommendations to go on certain diets and lower cholesterol do not work! The actual cause of heart disease is inflammation in the artery wall!

It is this inflammation that causes the accumulation cholesterol to build up in the blood vessel wall causing heart strokes and heart disease. Inflammation is meant to act as a healthy way for your body to fight bacteria and viruses. But, due to our modern day over processed diets we are exposing our bodies to toxins everyday, thus causing chronic inflammation.

Chronic inflammation is caused by many foods, but particularly it is caused by a significant imbalance in the intake of Omega-6 and Omeg-3. Processed foods tend to contain lots of Omega-6, therefore leading to this imbalance. Highly processed carbohydrates also have this same effect on inflammation, as extra sugar in the body attaches to protein that attach the blood vessel wall.

So it goes to show that what has been preached for years concerning low fat diets is not true! The only way to help repair your body, is to limit processed foods intake and eat more natural foods.