Type 2 Diabetes: You’re Not Immune to It

Often times we automatically link certain stereotypes like obesity with diseases like diabetes, when in fact they are distinct and separate diseases. Those that are thin and fat can have diabetes, but in the case of those with type 2 diabetes, factors for attaining it include: activeness, diet, and weight. Specifically, type 2 diabetes is caused by the inability of the things like fat cells resisting insulin. Insulin when working properly is supposed to move sugar into cells, where this can later be used as energy for the body. So, those with type 2 diabetes end up building up high levels of sugar in the blood, as it is not being converted to a source of energy. But, maintaining a healthy lifestyle that includes regular exercise, a good diet, and staying a healthy weight can prevent type 2 diabetes. One thing to remember is that type 2 diabetes is not immediate; it is generally a gradual process that can be accelerated due to things like increased fat as it can contribute to higher blood sugar levels. Unfortunately, type 2 diabetes is not always visible and sometimes does not have symptoms show for long after it has been attained. Some symptoms include: being famished, increased thirst, and even increased urination. So, do not wait until symptoms start to show, change your lifestyle now to prevent the onset of diabetes and to live a more healthy life.